Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God's Debris (copy)

A professor on campus handed me a book the other day with the comment, “I hand this to promising students.” The title is God’s Debris: A Thought Experiment by Scott Adams. The same Scott Adams that creates the weekly, Dilbert comic strip, but this book is totally different.

It is so different that the first book was only available in e-book format. Publishers were afraid a print source would not sell to the average Dilbert reader. Now, one can get it in print form thanks to positive word-of-mouth reviews.

Author Adams takes on the age old debate, science versus religion. If one is scientific in nature others around generalize that the person is less likely to believe in God. One of my heroes, Galileo, endured Catholic persecution because of this general attitude; although, he professed to embrace the Catholic Church and its teachings his entire life.

In the book the author presents a theory which I find comforting. It all begins with a conversation between delivery man and wise recipient. During the discussion, they both agree that God is omnipotent and knows the future. With this in mind, they begin to theorize that God might be bored. If he knows the future, nothing is left to chance.

What if God tries to destroy his omnipotence and start again from scratch? In order to do this they feel he will have to blow himself up and return to Earth in billions of little living cells. In essence, the Big Bang Theory, but here is the comforting part. God becomes a part of all of us, and the animals, and the plants, rocks, etc.

I need to stop here before I divulge the whole story. Oh, but I do so want to tell you more!

I see why the professor encourages his students to read this book. There is an in-your-face discussion on two subjects that tend to mix like oil and water. It is an encouraging conversation though, and one many students might be struggling with as they prove facts through scientific methods and mathematics.

One of the ongoing discussions through the story centers on mathematical probability. It is my conviction 50 percent of the readers will either love or hate this book. Adams’ follow up book is oddly titled, Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!


April said...

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maggie moran said...

Ah, April! Thank you!!!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

That book sounds like a fun one, that makes you think, I'll have to look into it!

maggie moran said...

It does make you think 7VI! :)

sage said...

THis sounds like a different view of the incarnation!

maggie moran said...

You got it Sage! The main character is called Avatar. :)

Jo said...

My husband thought this book sounded good(he was looking over my shoulder when I was reading your blog) and he wondered if you could read a chapter of it also!!!

On a different note, is your blog attached to a library home page, or is it separate? How do you promote it? Is it sanctioned by your work? I have been pondering libraries promoting their services, and would love to hear your thoughts:)

Medbie said...

My husband has read this--when it was only an ebook--and found it very interesting! I'm so glad to see it's in print now!

Anonymous said...

This is something I would like to read. I like the title too!

And now:

Here is an award for you!

Tiffany Norris said...

Sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing it!

maggie moran said...

Oh, Jo, I couldn't read it very well, but here is a pdf of the book your hubby can read online!

Re: MaggieReads is not affiliated with the college, but anything you see w/ a (copy) by the title is published by 5 newspapers in NW Mississippi through Northwest CC. We have a library blog which is just starting out and since we give orientation to all comp I students we promote it during our talks. The students like to IM me dirty messages through the meebo on our blog. ;D

maggie moran said...

I believe 20,000 books in print, Medbie. :)

Aw, thank yew Gautami. I'm typeless! :D

There is more to it, very philosoful, Tiffany. ;D