Wednesday, June 04, 2008


While reading The Mississippi Story by Patti Carr Black last night, I ran across a familiar photograph. It was the cover of The Known World by Edward P. Jones seen here to your left.

I absolutely love the cover art! What stories one could make of the straw-hat covered girl looking back!

Well it just so happens, this photo is by Eudora Welty! The title is Home by Dark, Yalobusha County (page 29), and it was taken prior to 1935 while Welty was employed by the Works Progress Administration. This photograph was taken on her own initiative as the book explains.

Author Black stated,

Welty said, "a good snapshot stops a moment from running away"; but her photographs do more than that. Welty was an intense observer and worked "to catch something as I came upon it, something that spoke of the life going on aound me." She was the most prolific and sensitive recorder of Mississippi in the 1930s. ~p. 28
Nymeth at Things Mean A Lot just finished The Known World for our challenge. She had this to say,
The Known World is a stunning book. It’s beautifully written, it’s subtle, it’s very moving, and it’s complex. It’s a book in which several tragic things happen, but it moves beyond being a parade of tragedies. It deals with race and gender, but it also goes beyond that. I’d say it’s the best book about slavery I’ve read so far, except it’s not so much a book about slavery as it is a book about several people caught up in a system whose full consequences are not easy to grasp.