Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Farm Tour!

Time for a trip to the Delta!
The Morans want to show me off to the local planters.

Behind me is a cotton field.

The cotton is planted on a little hill called row. The furrow between rows is called middles. Every year the planter uses the same rows so that new plants can benefit from past nutrients.

This is upland cotton or Gossypium hirsutum. It grows best in areas of high humidity.

Friends, this is an historic year.

All over the Delta cotton fields are changing.

See this beautiful wheat field. For over a century this field yielded cotton. The owner, in planting a
different crop, has lost his rows and middles.

The plan is to plant soybeans in this field after the harvest; thus, gaining two yeilds from one field in a season.

I'm not sure what this change from fiber
source to food source says about the current economy.