Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Southern Summer II (copy)

Continuing from last week’s article, here are more southern authors to boost our down-home pride.

Tunica native, Charlaine Harris, has a brand new Sookie Stackhouse on the shelves, From Dead to Worse. According to Library Journal, “Louisiana telepath and cocktail waitress Sookie barely escapes with her life when she becomes enmeshed in a struggle for control of the Louisiana vampires. At the same time, werewolf leaders begin a fight to the death, and Sookie is caught in the middle.” I reported last year that Sookie’s Southern Vampire Series would be appearing on HBO last fall; unfortunately, three full episodes remained in cans due to the writer’s strike. With that over, the series, True Blood, will be released this September.

Memphis is running promotional advertisements this month to encourage tourism. Como residents, Catherine and Douglas Taylor, are part of the push with their book Downtown Ducks. The couple, married at The Peabody, tells of perennial guests Clearwater and Abigail Duck as they make a daily commute from rooftop to fountain then back again. Catherine illustrates in vibrant watercolors as Douglas relates a fun tale through this charming children’s book.

Bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank is in top form with her new book, Bulls Island. This perfect beach book, set in South Carolina’s Low Country, contains scandal, intrigue, and the ominous old boyfriend. Frank’s publicist says, “She and her long-suffering husband, Peter, divide their time between the New York area and Charleston, South Carolina, where their two children are in college and spending every last dime they earn.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning, Alabamian Ricky Bragg is back with another installment of family woes. This time he aims pen at his horrible drunken father and newly acquired step-son in The Prince of Frogtown. We understand Bragg’s violent relationship with his father through All Over but the Shoutin'. Our question to Mr. Bragg, “Will he break the pattern?”

Virginia circuit court judge, Martin Clark, is launching his third novel, The Legal Limit, this July. Said to be the thinking and drinking man’s Grisham, Clark tells of family woe as one brother becomes a lawyer and the other a jailbird. Publishers Weekly said, “Clark…takes his storytelling prowess to the next level in what is his most substantial and thought-provoking work to date.” Note: Amy just reminded me, Clark's wife Deana has a picturesque and fun filed blog. Go say, Howdy!
Saving the best for last, one of my favorite southern authors is Clyde Edgerton. I started reading him after a local playhouse presented his book Walking Across Egypt. I then followed with the laugh-out-loud Raney and ended with his memoir Solo. Coming this August, to a bookstore and library near you, his ninth novel, The Bible Salesman, will witness his remarkable talent.


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry that I couldn't join this challenge! :( In 2009, I am clearing my schedule. I hope-hope-hope this will be around again.

Lisa said...

I absolutely love Clyde Edgerton. I didn't realize he had a new book coming out soon. I just found out last night that he is going to be the featured author for a month-long celebration through our public library. There will be author readings and signings, receptions, and a showing of the play Walking Across Egypt at the Old Courthouse Theater in Concord, NC. I can't wait!

maggie moran said...

We are going to miss you, J Kaye! We will see about next year, I think people might still, but then again BTDT takes over. :D

maggie moran said...

Ew, Lisa, I'm jelly bellied! Can you see me turning green? I cannot wait these long months to read his new one, either. I may look around for an ARC! :D

Diane said...

More great suggestions! My copy of the Downhill Lie by Hiassen arrived today, and I took a peek . . . and couldn't put it down!

Very funny!

Eva said...

I've seen those Peabody ducks! I was visiting a friend at Rhodes, and we went and saw them walk from the pond to the elevator. Then we followed them up to the roof to check out their 'palace.' hehe

maggie moran said...

Yay, Diane! Today's the start and you might be the first with a review. :D

Aren't they the cutest? This is Douglas' recreation of how it all began. A coulpe of love ducks just looking for a home. ;)

Tiffany Norris said...

Can't wait to read the Rick Bragg book...not in this challenge...but soon! :)

maggie moran said...

He will be in Oxford tonight, Tiffany! I'm real excited and want to be there to get my book signed. Such an author hound! :D

Kathy said...

I came here from Houston's site.

I regret to say that the chaotic lifestyle I lead has led me to short stories or audiobooks.

Audiobooks I can listen to while I clean my house and do laundry and drive around doing errands.

The only time I have to sit down with a real book in my hands is at bedtime and I am usually asleep within 15 minutes.

The Downtown Ducks attracted me because I lived in Memphis for the better part of 9 months while my 9-year old son underwent radiation and four stem cell transplants at St. Jude for a malignant brain tumor.

Peabody Place and the ducks were a frequent distraction when my son was feeling well enough and he was invited to be duckmaster, he got to walk them to the fountain and again got to walk them back to the roof. We knew the ducks that were there in 2003/2004 by name.

I'm going to order a copy for us and another copy for another little boy we know who is at St. Jude in the middle of treatment for the same sort of brain tumor. I think there are a lot of sick kids in Memphis who would love that story since they already know the ducks.

Happy reading!

maggie moran said...

Kathy, thanks for stopping by and giving us your story!

From the polar bear cam, it looks like Steven is in remission. How kewl is it that he got to be a duckmaster! I bet you were a very proud mom.

Downtown Ducks tells the story of two ducks who fall in love but are without shelter. They travel from points north into Memphis and end up on the Peabody roof. It's a chapter book in an easy format, if that makes sense?!?

I hope Steven and friend enjoy the books.

Happy Listening, too you!

April said...

Ohh, From Dead to Worse looks and sounds like a good one! I may have to add that to my list as well, lol!

maggie moran said...

You can do it April! I love books that take me away in one night. :)

Amy said...

I love Clyde Edgerton, too, so I'll definitely add this latest read to my list.

Martin Clark's wife has a great blog. Check her musings about their life in the Virginia country at

maggie moran said...

Amy, thanks for reminding me of Deana's blog. I should place it in the post.

Deana participated last year in the SRC and donated two autographed copies of her hubby's books! Such a nice jester, and I'm afraid she thinks I will ask for repete offerings.

I hope to see them when they pass through this area for the new book's tour. Maybe, I'll even get pictures! :)