Saturday, May 03, 2008

___Southern Reading Challenge Y'all!

UPDATE: Hillary Jordan, author of Mudbound, is donating 5 autographed books for give away during the Southern Reading Challenge. I think a Name your Home, Land, or Plantation Contest will be great fun. More to come...

To understand the world, you have to understand a place like Mississippi.

~William Faulkner

We moved to Mississippi in 1995 and I still don't quite get it. But, through reading southern literature in my rocking chair on the front porch, I'm getting closer to this sense of (strange new) place.

Come join me on the porch this summer and I promise you will meet some of the strangest characters you have ever read while scratching behind my big dog's ears.

It's time for our hot, sweaty summer of reading Southern Books! Are You Ready?!?

The rules are easy: 3 Southern Setting Books by Southern Authors in 3 Months beginning May 15 through August 15!

How can you pass this amazing challenge up? Incentive you say? A tin full of yummy tasting pecans will be sent to a lucky participant every Friday. I'll also be linking y'all's experiences as they come in, just like last year. Sense of Place Contest? Oh, Yeah! Dead Mule Society List? You Bet! Click here for southern book suggestions.

So, sign on Mister Linky with an address back to your 3 books and join me for sweet tea on the porch!