Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Georgia Author Mary Kay Andrews

New blogger Angie of What is Angie Thinking? got an e-mail from Mary Kay Andrews this week! Pretty exciting and well humbling for me. I had no idea there was such a nice southern lady. Thank you for raising the rock I was under Angie!

This is an exert from author Andrews' blog:

Now, some writers absolutely hate the idea of a used bookstore. Not me. I know from experience that somebody who picks up a used copy of one of my books for a buck or two will usually decide they really need to buy my new hardback as soon as it comes out. Or, maybe they're a working mom or retiree who can only afford to feed their habit by buying used books. I'm good with that.

~ Mary Kay Andrews

Savannah Blues (2003)
Little Bitty Lies (2004)
Hissy Fit (2005)
Blue Christmas (2006)
Savannah Breeze (2007)
Deep Dish (2008)