Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog!

Our group article appears in this month's Mississippi Libraries!

Loads of fun, Folks! Margaret and Crystal are the best people to work for and with! Our collaboration was akin to participating in an online college course where one is paired with two others to write a paper. Each member writes what they know and then someone organizes it into (hopefully) good reading.

I know exactly what you are thinking and nothing could be further from the truth! Typically group effort means one person does 80% of the work and the rest chip in when an adjective, image, example, etc. is needed. Us peeps got busy, wrote good stuff, and organizing was a snap. I kid you not, I had fun!

Hum, maybe I should let y'all decide whether it is good stuff?!? The title is Reading Round Table: Northwest Mississippi Community College and located on page 86. Yeah, yeah, the title needs work...