Monday, October 08, 2007

Non-Fiction Five Completed!

Sorry, this took so long, Joy! I finished the Non-Fiction Five Challenge before the end of September, but am just now getting around to posting my participation. I loved the challenge and am thankful Joy hosted such an immensely thought-provoking genre.

Out of the five original books, I read none! Bah! It is just impossible to stay to a list of books. When I sit down to type my article for the newspapers, usually on a Wednesday morning, I have a hard time getting started if the book doesn't already match a seasonal, topical theme. Why? Well, I'm no writer; I'm a librarian.

This limits my challenge participation as earlier mentioned. Thankfully, Joy approved my modification of the rules, and I got to read some damn good books. My favorite, Rats by Robert Sullivan, gave the hubby and I an added adventure during our trip to New York City. Here is a picture of me under the sign to Eden Alley. We have pictures of dead rats in the alley, too. Not sure y'all would appreciate them though?!?

Oh, Hubby thought I should tell you about our encounter before finding the alley. We, dressed as wrinkled tourist, kept looking around corners and walking blocks looking for the alley. Finally, an older white haired gentleman wearing the latest in brooks brothers, asked if we needed directions. Our temporary tour guide must have thought we wanted to see something in the financial district and he was eager to please. Well, that is, until we said Eden's Alley. He abruptly frowned and said he never heard of it and literally scurried away! Bah!

My final list:
The Big Bam by Leigh Montville
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart
Rats by Robert Sullivan
Teach like your Hair is on Fire by Rafe Esquith