Friday, August 24, 2007

Brad Pitt Crowned Miss N'awlins

Five days from now, it will be the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Brad Pitt and Working Words 100 at Books and Stuff want to keep the focus on New Orleans.

Take a look at WW100 original comparison of past and present New Orleans using the books A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole and Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans.

Oh, yeah. Take a LONG look at Brad, too! ;D


Isabel said...

Brad is too cute! His home is on the unofficial tour of the French Quarter.

I read all New Orleans stories, because of all the stuff going on in my life right now. I just can't concentrate too much.

I read Confederacy years ago, so the story was familiar to me. The other book was just short stories, so I could put in down easily.

I can't read Walker Percy's The Movie Goer right now. The Gentilly neighborhood of the protagonist was really Kaned two years ago.

Diane said...

I read Confederacy years ago and then listened to it as an audible book a year or two ago. I love this book - I think it's hilarious and also so very tragic, given the fate of the author. Ignatius also reminds me of my late Uncle John - a bright man who never quite fit into this world and drank himself to death before he was 40 . . .

maggie moran said...

WW100, thanks for the wonderful post to correlate Brad's green-frendly New Orleans houses with. I enjoyed looking up his digs on Google Earth, too. Oh, and I'm going to do a hurricane display this week, with cotton balls on a blue background. I have tons of books. Thank you, again!

Diane, sorry about your late Uncle John. It is so hard to watch relatives use whiskey/drugs to ease whatever pain they conceive.

PS I heard they are making a movie of CofD and Will Ferrell will play Ignatius.

Diane said...

maggie - I can't complain about that casting!

Mo said...

Brad Pitt.


Anonymous said...

Brad is not too shabby! Nice scenery here today!!! I finished the challenge but I messed it up. I read Finn and then realized that Finn was not by a Southern writer. I guess I was confusing the review here with the Southern challenge. Sorry.

Les said...

Hubbahubba. ;)

Just finished my third book for your Southern Reading Challenge. You can find it here.

Anonymous said...

Brad is "too cute?" New Orleans needs to be moved - above sea level. The Army Corps of Engineers still has levees that HAVE NOT been fixed!! Check it out. Green friendly ain't gonna keep the water out if a big blow comes Nawlins way !!

sage said...

As I know the clock is ticking, I took time out of reading another SRC book to nominate you for a reward (and now I'm going to have to go back and fix the link...)

maggie moran said...

Diane - Jack Black is too short. :)

Mo - You need a fainting couch! ;)

Deana - I count Finn! We gave Mark Twain and honorary southern gentleman title so any spin-offs get the same treatment. :D

Way to go, Les!!! Be sure to enter for the final drawing tomorrow! :)

Paul - I doubt N'awlins will ever pump itself above sea level; It's more of an American Venice. As for Brad, he makes the perfect Dutch boy with his finger stuck in a levee.

Ah, shucks Sage! This is really nice of you, and I just know whatever I did to deserve it will not equal your own effort. :D

Bookfool said...

You don't ever have to remind me to take a long look at Brad. :)