Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conference Airport Blues!

ALABloggingHow many of us poor librarians spent the long day, night, and morning traveling from DC to home? I arrived at the airport a hair after 3:30pm, with a delayed 8ish departure, and arrived at my back stoop at 4:01 this morning. Some poor souls probably still haven't made it home because of the cancelled flights. Weather in Atlanta and Air Traffic Control delays were to blame, but don't you just want to blame it on the airlines.

How about some blues for y'all. A little Go Down to the River and take a bath blues! You know you want to dunk yourself in that cold, cool water. Go on, I'll wait.

Oh, and here's a little trivia for y'all bluesy peeps. Mississippi Fred pumped gas between his international/national touring schedule.


Isabel said...

I feel for you.

But now, you are nice and comfy in your own bed.

Airplane travel is not as fun as it used to be.

We need transporters! (like on Star Trek: any of the series)

Anonymous said...

The most dreaded phrase ever---

"Delta-Atlanta-Connection" ARGH!

I'm hoping to take the girls to DC late this month, but dread flight delays with children.