Friday, June 29, 2007

Can Blogs Be Trusted?

ALABloggingWell, anything you read on my blog CAN! Um, and if something is found to be untrue, well, I’m sure y'all will call me on it. Right? I have no alterative motive other than encourage reading. Any critical analysis (which may accidently get in) is open to interpretation.

Last Saturday, I attended the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) program, Can Blogs Be Trusted?. Our speaker, Jason Zengerle, Senior Editor for The New Republic, was gracious enough to speak two hours since his co-speaker remained MIA.

As librarians, I think most of us attended the meeting to find some authoritative blogs. A little something-something to advise pre-law students asking quote questions or for those wary instructors faced with citations from questionable sites. To make a long blog short, Zengerle stated he is, "skeptic about information from many blogs."

Well, surprise. So are we.

Note: As a book blogger, I would like to see this title-post question asked of my peers. Do you give galleys a more favorable review because they are free? Most of us would say "NO WAY!" to that kind of question, but...