Thursday, April 26, 2007

Southern Sisters Mysteries

"I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and slapped on some lipstick, the minimum I figured I could get away with if I were hit by a truck on the way to Philip's house. Every woman in the world knows you have to wear clean underwear in case you are hit by a truck, but the lipstick may be a Southern thing. You want to look pretty when the firemen unhinge your door with the jaws of life, and the paramedics rush you to the waiting helicopter for the trip to Carraway or University Hospital. The condition of your underwear might be questionable by that time but, by damn, your lips would be Shimmering Coral, and there's something to be said for that."

~ Anne George
Murder Boogies with Elvis p51

1. Murder on a Girl's Night Out (1996)
Winner 1996 Agatha Award (Best First Mystery Novel)
2. Murder on a Bad Hair Day (1996)
3. Murder Runs in the Family (1996)
4. Murder Makes Waves (1997)
5. Murder Gets a Life (1998)
6. Murder Shoots the Bull (1999)
7. Murder Carries a Torch (2000)
8. Murder Boogies with Elvis (2001)


Unknown said...

hahaha... I can so hear my mom saying that quote to me. Oh, I love the South.

Debi said...

I've never heard of these...but that excerpt totally sold me!

Tiffany Norris said...

I've never heard of these either, but I'm loving the titles!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your encouraging words on my posts...feel like we have become old friends. You have inspired me to begin reading again...daily! Yes, I still have 5-6 books going at the same time...ha! Guess that is the ADD taking over! Thanks again!

Literary Feline said...

The Southern Sister Mysteries are among my TBR collection--I'd almost completely forgotten them until your post, Maggie. One of these days . . .

Booklogged said...

Okay, Maggie, I'm in if these mysteries count for the Southern Challenge. I really want to listen to Spacek read To Kill a Mockingbird. Will listening, rather than reading, count for the challenge?

Twist a person's arm hard enough and look what happens! Tee hee!

maggie moran said...

These are delightful and short mysteries with a couple of older (65/70-yr-old) sisters. The older one being rather wild (multi-divorcee) and sassy, and the younger still having a little proper teacher in her system.

Anne George lived in Birmingham and there are quite a few references to the Vulcan's booty throughout her books. Unfortunately, she died in 2001, and the series stops with Elvis.