Wednesday, April 11, 2007

South Carolina Writers

Dorothy Allison (1949- )
Raised in Greenville, SC
Bastard Out of Carolina (1992)

Ruthie Bolton (1961- ) Memoirist
Born and raised in Charleston, SC
Gal: A True Life (1994)

Pat Conroy (1945- )
Lives on Fripp Island, SC
The Great Santini (1976)
The Lords of Discipline (1980)
The Prince of Tides (1986)
Beach Music (1995)
My Losing Season (2002)

John Dunning (1942- )
Raised in Charleston, SC
Bookman Series staring Clifford "Cliff" Janeway

Percival Everett (1956- )
Professor of English at the U of SC
Sorry, Western writer!

Paul Hamilton Hayne (1830/1886) Poet
Born and raised in Charleston, SC

DuBose Heyward (1885/1940)
Born and raised in Charleston, SC
Porgy (1924).

Josephine Humphries (1945- )
Born and raised in Charleston, SC
PEN/Hemingway award for Dreams of Sleep (1985)

Sue Monk Kidd (1948- )
Writer in Residence in Charleston.
The Secret Life of Bees (2002)
The Mermaid Chair (2005)

Cassandra King (1944- )
Lives on Fripp Island, SC
The Sunday Wife (2002)
The Same Sweet Girls (2005)
Queen of Broken Hearts (2007)

Brad Land (???) Memoirist
Currently lives in SC
Goat (2004)

Ed Madden (? - Alive-n-kickin’) Poet
Artist-in-Residence for the SC State Parks

Carrie Allen McCray (???)
Freedom's Child:
Life of a Confederate General's Black Daughter (1998)

Julia Peterkin (1880-1961)
Born in Laurens County, SC
Black April (1927)
Scarlet Sister Mary (1928)
Bright Skin (1932)
Roll, Jordan, Roll (1933)
A Plantation Christmas (1934)

Sheri Reynolds (???)
Born and raised in rural SC
The Rapture of Canaan (1997)
Firefly Cloak (2006)

Dori Sanders (1934- )
Born and Raised Filbert, SC
Clover (1990)
Her Own Place (1993)

Anne Rivers Siddons (1936- )
Lives in Charleston SC
Heartbreak Hotel (1976)
Peachtree Road (1988)
Kings Oak (1990)
Outer Banks (1991)
Up Island (1997)
Low Country (1998)
Islands (2004)
Sweetwater Creek (2005)

William Gilmore Simms (1806-1870)
Born, raised and died in Charleston, SC
The Yemassee (1835)
The Lily and the Totem (1850)
Vasconselos (1853)
The Cassique of Kiawah (1859).


Lisa said...

You should add Heartbreak Hotel by Anne Rivers Siddons. It takes place at a fictionalized Auburn University during integration. It's one of my very favorite books. The main character's name is Maggie!

maggie moran said...

I'll do it! AND, I might just put it on my list! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maggie are you going to do lists for the other Southern states? Please!! :) This is wonderful - thank you! I know it'll help me choose which books to read.

maggie moran said...

I plan to Iliana! Just doing SC, I wanted to talk about half of the books, so I think I will also do some individual post on certain authors. You will get southern fried before it is all over! :D

Anonymous said...

Also, what about Sharon McCrumb? I love her. I was directed here by a lj-er, but I am so excited to find you!
Can't wait for June!

maggie moran said...

Ew, Melissa Anne, McCrumb is delightful! I was going to place her in NC. Should I change my mind?

Anonymous said...

Maggie Bret Lott comes to mind and William Gilmore Simms. :)

maggie moran said...

Thanks, Paul!

What to do with those authors that move, dang'em? I show Bret lives in LA (Louisiana not Lower Alabama) and no longer in Charleston.

There's no excuse for omitting William Gilmore Simms. I didn't do it on purpose. I just learned there is such a thang as "plantation literature." Very interesting!

SFP said...

McCrumb would go with North Carolina writers.

You might want to add Dori Sanders to the SC list.

maggie moran said...

I'll do it SFP! Never heard of this author. How exciting! :D