Friday, April 27, 2007

Listener's Southern Suggestion

Dana at So Many Books, So Little Time had this to say,
"This year for my reading I decided to try something different. I borrowed the CD recording of the book narrated by Sissy Spacek, and I discovered something. To Kill a Mockingbird, while inimitably brilliant, was never intended to be a story that was merely read. It was meant, as all grand old southern stories are, to be told. It was meant to be shared face to face, in a soft southern drawl while the tree frogs buzz and the smell of cut grass lays low over the land. In the moments when the sun has set but the light remains, it was meant to be drawn out with word pictures as we lean back against the porch railing with our eyes half shut."

Note: After reading Dana post, I was curious about Ms. Spacek's other audios. I could only find one, Carrie! :D


Anonymous said...

Sissy Spacek is a great actress !!

Jupiter said...

Re your comment : You're very welcome! I adore your blog :)

Unknown said...

I have heard a lot about that book and I have never read it..I must try it..Just wanted to remind you that the blogging scavenger hunt starts on Monday!!!

Booklogged said...

Maggie, you have to know I was extremely tempted to join your challenge. I am definitely going to add To Kill a Mockingbird read by Sissy Spacek to my list.