Friday, April 20, 2007

Crappie? Catfish? No Trout!

Southern author Jack Kerley explains his sense of place with, "I’m a native of Newport, Kentucky, and live here today. Newport sits on a big swooping bend of the Ohio River, and is where Dixie meets the Midwest, and both meet Appalachia. When I was a kid, Newport was called the “Sin City of the South.” It’s nice to live in a town with a colorful past, like having a stripper aunt who went straight, but tells wild stories of the day.

I also spend a good deal of time in Fairhope, Alabama, on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. When first in the area, a decade or so back, I knew it would be a helluva place to set a story. There’s water in every direction, and my stories grow best in heat and humidity. When not writing, I fish. My idea of Heaven is waltzing into the Tennessee/North Carolina highlands with a pack on my back and a fly rod in my hand."