Thursday, March 15, 2007

Long Live the Book!

People still burn books. But that only means that books are still dangerous enough to destroy. And if people want to destroy them, they are valuable enough that they will endure.

Note: A Special Report from on Books edited by Michael Maiello and Michael Noer.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, and that's saying something!

Anonymous said...

Burning books will not stop the flow of ideas !!

Isabel said...

I heard about a cafe' in Iraq on the NPR this morning. People gathered here to talk about literature, because books are still being burned over there. However, it was hit by a bomb and destroyed, so the book lovers have to find a new place to gather.

I didn't hear whether the place was blown up just to kill people of a different part of Islam or to kill people and the free flow of ideas

maggie moran said...

Hey Y'all!

This is another reason to pooh-pooh those that say the book is a dead format. Why burn them if they are sooo over!

The effect just isn't the same when people gather around a stack of burning i-pods and e-readers. For one thing, it's stinkier! ;)

Long Live the Book! Long Live the Ideas! :D