Saturday, March 24, 2007

Art as Story

Art is inspiration on canvas board. That said, I think Edward Hopper’s work can inspire stories. In Hopper’s Nighthawk below, all kinds of plots, conversations, and characterizations come to mind.

“Would you like ice cream on top?”
“Ugh, these nails.”
“Me, and the little lady, are heading to Phoenix.”
These people might easily be gangsters, late-night moviegoers, or lovers ending an affair. The bartender might be gruff or friendly.

Just what are these two discussing in Hopper's Chop Suey?

"Read any good books lately?"
"Myrtle, I did it. I kicked the bastard out!"
"I know about the affair."
"I think you will make a great babysitter, and you're hired."
"May I borrow a couple hundred, just to tide me over?"

This could be a great exercise for creative writing courses.