Friday, December 29, 2006

5 Things You May Not Know about Me

I was tagged by Rick!
1. I graduated with a BS in Aerospace not a BA in English.

2. I started reading for fun in my late 20's. I thought it was a dull pursuit as a hipster; now, I don't go anywhere w/out a book.

3. I sold my '69 Citabria to pay for my MLIS. (A Citabria is an aerobatic plane, and yes I looped-de-looped. Oh, Citabria spelled backwards is airbatic. Get it!?!)

4. I was one of those loud, obnoxious kids librarians (public/school) were always tossing to the curb. (JeMarcus, I was just like you!)

5. Forever by Judy Blume was hidden in my sock drawer during Jr. high.

I'll not tag anyone, but feel free to do this meme if you wish. I was looking at all the blogs I read and I think everyone has been hit by this one. :-P