Thursday, November 16, 2006

An Ordinary Man (notes)

There is no greater gift to an insecure leader that quite matches a vague "enemy" who can be used to whip up fear and hatred among the population. It is a cheap way to consolidate one’s hold on power. p27
Many of us have encountered this despicable human behavior as early as elementary school. Two girls, without anything in common, can strike up a friendship by making fun of someone else. It becomes their shared secret from whence other conversations grow. It can also become a friendship breaker. For example, one in the bond actually talks to the outsider, thus becoming disloyal to the original pair.

A psychologist would agree both these girls are insecure. Without knowing, they use this mean tactic, to ease their uncertain position. I heard it expressed by this phrase, “Nothing bonds friendship like a common enemy.”

Any excuse will serve a tyrant. p96

It doesn’t have to be a sane, rational excuse. If you want someone gone, just catch that person breathing wrong. A trick I learned from a past insecure boss.