Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Night, Copycub (review)

Richard Edwards. Good Night, Copycub. Illus. Susan Winter. New York: HarperCollins, 2004. 32pp. Grades PreK-1st.

An important step in any child’s development is being able to accomplish things on their own. One way to learn things for oneself is to mimic the actions of others. Copycub is having trouble sleeping and has inadvertently awakened Momma bear with his tossing. This loving mother takes him on a midnight amble through the forest of sleeping inhabitants. Copycub encounters a goose, a moose and a hare dozing, “Safe and sound.” When he returns to the cave his mother encourages him to copy the animals. The illustrations set a sleepy mood with a full moon and long shadows of a clear blue sky. Momma is given a drowsy feel with her eyes held at half-mast and the honey color of the animals radiates warmth. This is the perfect bedtime book; for even the repetitive prose has a couple of yawns included, for extra slumber time encouragement. What a clever book to provide a child with the means to fall asleep on their own.

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