Saturday, November 25, 2006

10 Ideas to Revitalize a Successful Book Club

1. Book clubs are meant to be…enjoyable social occasion; conversation with people who like to read

¶ Why not have all the members bring a book they have enjoyed past or present to book talk. (explain book talk)

2. Book clubs develop…according to the personality of its members. (serious vs. hoped for)

¶ Why not read something different by the same author one month. (explain author study) serious bio/hoped for short stories.

3. Book clubs that meet…in the library attract a variety of members with a variety of taste. (library vs. home clubs)

¶ Why not chose a book in which all readers will have something in common…Mississippi (Smile Please and/or One Mississippi)

4. Book clubs cannot survive on books alone…Food is very important! The act of breaking bread provides social interaction before the discussion. (sweets enhance insight)

¶ Why not read a book of fiction containing recipes and then have members bring in some of the dishes. (Being Dead is No Excuse or Jan Karon)

5. Book clubs are great…for sharing outside the initial discussion. (take home discussion)

¶ Why not try a mother-daughter, grandmother-granddaughter, or husband-wife meeting when both read a book and share w/ club. (A Northern Light)

6. Book clubs sometimes… need suggestions for the next best read. (Laurie/Margaret/internet/NoveList)

¶ Why not meet one month at the local bookstore and stroll the lit. aisles pulling your favorites. Cull books and discover tastes…

7. Book clubs sometimes…need visual stimulation. (who will play?)

¶ Why not read a book then attend a showing of the movie at the cinema or local library. (Running with Scissors or The Egg and I)

8. Book clubs have members…who have only experienced one culture, the South. (others may travel)

¶ Why not read a book representative of another culture or country. One can explore differences and humanity. (Things Fall Apart and/or Snow Flower and the Secret Fan)

9. Book clubs may… look for inspiration from outside the immediate community.

¶ Why not let a local author entertain the group with his latest offering. (Memphis Crump Don't Like It and /or Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly)

10. Book clubs give…the participants a license to read something they would never consider.

¶ Why not try a theme approach w/ a kooky but interesting subject. (The Lobster Chronicles and/or The Secret Life of Lobsters)