Friday, July 21, 2006

July 7, 2006

Pete and I toured the streets of Charlottetown, PEI today. Without order, we explored the marinas and discussed the architecture, when a small sign caught my attention. Located at the corner of two streets, the sign claimed, “local books ahead.” I hastily took hold of Pete and swung us ‘round the corner, my appetite whetted by imagined stories of local folklore and ghosts.

Upon entering, I cried out, “Where are your local books!” The jovial bookseller pointed me in the right direction and added his recommendations on the latest. As I shopped, he put on a fresh pot of coffee and the little book nook took on a heady scent.

My host, a cheeky old salt, with rousing beard and salaciously witty manners, had a Gordon’s Fisherman appearance. It is with professional curiosity I asked him which genre he preferred to read. He likes a good mystery or thriller, quick to point out the new Evanovich, but in truth, he leans less towards the genres and more towards the books of substance.

My question, “Would that be the substance of learning in non-fiction or the substance of literary fiction?”

My short Hemingwayish peddler said he enjoyed the writings of modern literary greats like Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As he named his favorites among Senor Marquez’s works, I thought it about time to tackle “Love in the Time of Cholera.” I mean RA is more effective when one actually reads the recommended books.

To this Papa I owe a gift. What recommendation can I possibly make as equal?

PEI's best bookstore is called The Reading Well.