Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Italian Angle on Trash

Working an angle for the Gone Tomorrow book…

Italians are ingenious with their garbage. For one, they don’t do fast food! We ran across Mickey Ds four times during our three weeks. Even at the Milan airport, once you left the main terminal full of fast foods, it was Italian service only.

Italians recycle their wine/water bottles. We know this because our hotel rooms, although swank, were always located above the bottle bins. Thank Goodness, Italians like to sleep in! Mr. Ashman didn’t wake us until after eight.

As far as water, soaping up is not an option. Does that make the water hard or soft? The smell of lavender in the air isn’t from the flowers but the laundry. Pete wore a button down last week, five months after our trip, which still had the lingering smell.

Italian service is all about the wait, which was so annoying to this get-it and go girl. Be prepared for a two hour lunch, unless you want to belly-up to the bar. Standing and eating, no wonder these folks are so thin and sinewy. Garbage wise, not much to discard when you are served on china with metal utensils.

As far as the bathroom situation, be ready to wipe with sandwich wrap, otherwise bidet.

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