Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah, the joys of book discussions...

Book discussion this past Monday centered on Harold Kushner’s Living a Life that Matters. The event, led by Dr. Chuck Strong, poised tough questions of the audience. He led with, “What type of person are you?” then pulled back to let us reflect on the question.

Well, what a question and I’m not sure I could answer it. I imagine I could pull myself out of a set of categories, but the categories would be too rigid, meaning I’m apt to change depending on the circumstances. What?

Let’s examine honesty. I was too honest as a child and my mother reined me in constantly. I didn’t realize that my spouting opinions could hurt feelings. So, I learned the art of “little white lies” as a socially more acceptable persona. I don’t feel any less honest from the technique because I truly enjoy making people happy.

The group also focused on leaders and the compromises they make: in specific, recognition for accomplishments that had to involve a little bad with the good. Why? They threw a nice soirée for me when I left Como and I felt it was because of my good deeds. I was embarrassed but also elated that people even noticed my work.

It was a wonderful discussion and Dr. Strong was an excellent facilitator. Ah, the joys of chatting-up a thought provoking book.

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