Monday, March 06, 2006

Talk 2 the Hand Notes (2)

“It’s as if we now believe in some spooky virtual way, that wherever we are, it’s home.” 102p

How did this happen? One minute we are dressing for dinner at Krystals (’76) the next we are trotting around Wal-Mart in our rollers and house slippers. When did casual wear become everyday, sloppy week-end and morning wear?

“People of all ages evidently think nothing of reaching into a bag, discovering something surplus to requirements, holding it out at arm’s length and then insouciantly letting go.” 104p

One of my many summer jobs were cleaning parking lots at different establishments. My favorite assignment, the spa and its five rows of sixteen spaces eachalways welded treasures. In this Sunday after church chore, I walked up and down the spaces picking up trash. Nothing was too small or too gross in my boss’s opinion. Every Sunday without fail I found cigarette packs, money and diapers. Cigarette packs and pocket change understandable, but diapers?

“Surely a technology so miraculous deserves to convey communication that’s a bit less banal?” 116p

Wal-Mart conversations, where the shopper is yelling into his hand, “Did you mail the Visa bill?” Really, you pay minutes to discuss whether the cat’s been fed? Couldn’t it wait, post dinner table question, “How was your day?”

Just where did we lose the secrecy and privacy phones used to demand? I know I’m not alone in the phone call you took in the laundry room with door closed so no one was wise to your plans. Sometimes the 12 foot cord wasn’t long enough as you crawl into the dryer pulling yet another door shut.

I really think people want you to hear them chat on the cell. Proves they are popular with many, many cell phone friends. You feel extremely important when callers hound you for advice. “Wear the green one it looks good with your eyes.”

What happened to the “got to justify purchase” attitude? I need one in case my car breaks down or I fall and can’t get up. How did my grandfather work the farm 12 hours without cell phone back-up? We finally broke down and bought one when I started driving to Alabama. Well, we still have it and my commute is 15 miles.

I’m eager to read Stephen King’s new book, The Cell. We need someone with his twisted mind to make people afraid to use them. That’s the only way to stop their world domination. Oh, if The Cell has the same effect as Jaws we will be in library heaven.

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