Thursday, February 16, 2006

Old Job/School Review

The following review was written for Dr. Joan Atkinson's class in the fall of 2004. The book along with, When Marian Sang, were my inspiration for the Marian Anderson Birthday Bash grant. It is so exciting to see it coming together.

Oh, the review is in Booklist form. They want you to pack info in 250 words or less, one block paragragh. You have a couple of choices, book talk or compare to another simialr book then wrap it up with "worthy or unworthy" purchase suggestion.

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Staff Picks...The following reviews and suggested books have been compiled by members of the First Regional Library staff. If a title is highlighted, click on it to find more information about the book. **Last Updated 3/11/05.**

The Voice that Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman Reviewed by Maggie Moran, Como Public Library

It was a blustery Easter afternoon in 1939 when Marian Anderson sang to a crowd of 75,000. They came to hear her voice and as she ascended the platform built on the Lincoln Memorial the crowd hushed. The gray day seemed to fall away as the clouds broke open to accept the first song, “America.” Why was she singing outside on the Lincoln Memorial steps? Adequate indoor spacing could be found in Washington DC’s Constitution Hall, which as a DAR establishment unfortunately did not allow black artists to perform. Ironically she had just returned from a tour where she sang to mixed race audiences in all the major cities of Europe and South America, but was unable to perform in her own nation’s capital. Freedman brings this “rags to riches” story to life with the incredible photos of the time. This book reminds us that this woman’s struggle, which she handled as graciously as an operatic aria, should be revisited and hailed as a true heroine. No collection should be without this “sure to win an award” selection.

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