Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hooked by Sharky Tale

I started Devil’s Teeth by Susan Casey a couple of nights ago, having read its review for best books from Booklist. I told you I read anything…even non-fiction books about sharks. Well, I was hooked from the first sentence in the introduction:

"The killing took place at dawn and as usual it was a decapitation, accomplished by a single vicious swipe."

Wow! What the heck is going on, just who or what has been beheaded? How could anyone walk away from such a violent start? The book continues:

"Blood geysered into the air, creating a vivid slick that stood out on the water like the work of a violent abstract painter."

I would think any reluctant male reader would at least finish the paragraph before looking around to see if anyone judged him un-cool. Maybe, actually reading three, lost in the book, before remembering his surroundings.

Does YALSA know about this book?

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