Saturday, January 07, 2006

Geranimal Help!

My first week of work and it was great!

The people I work with are all smart and loads of fun. The work I do is different, but I see little changes occurring to suit my style of librarianism. I've been given an area to do theme displays, more computers in the front are being converted from catalog to regular usage and I've been encourage to help overflow from the back lab. Very exciting!

Now, the collection. I've got to find a way to learn it! The stacks are set up in identical rows and there aren't any cues to help me distinguish one row from the next...other than signage. Yesterday we had a biography question, Million Little Pieces by James Frey, and I hadn't a clue. Normally, I would walk to the biography section and look under FRE, but bios are absorbed into Dewey and could be in more than one number classification. The book deals with his recovery from alcohol and drug usage, but it is also a humorous memoir. Because it deals with two separate recoveries (alcohol/drugs) it could be cataloged within two different areas of 362s. This makes locating it by sight almost impossible, the 360s occupy 3 rows of books.

At this stage of my learning, I truly need geranimals to match row to subject. :-)

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