Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Reading!

Let's just let my feet soak a little more! :-D

The guests are gone and we have the house to ourselves!

*What to read...what to read*

Well I haven't finished YofMT yet. I put it down during the end of our guests' stay. I really hate to miss something b/c I'm not concentrating. I'll pick it back up tomorrow after the new year hullabaloo is over.

I was thinking I should write a little intro to the newspapers as a "get to know me" piece. Publish it or not...then send them the YofMT article. Which is a wonderful book, btw...

I got a couple of leads on some older books I need to read sometime. Sue, my husband's sister and her husband highly recommend Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. It was written in 1932 and sounds like a book I will love. 'Posed to be funny.

The book that had my mother-in-law in stitches is A Zoo in My Luggage by Gerald Durrell. First published in 1960, it is the story of an animal loving boy that grows up to start a zoo of his own. After his third trip to West Africa, he comes home with much more than just his wife and a suitcase. Their menagerie ends up in the backyard where neighbors become quickly alarmed.

So, what are my plans for the new year? With this blog I hope to train myself to write everyday...every other day. With my articles for the papers I hope to inspire others to read at least one extra book during the year. With my new job I hope to maintain a positive attitude and inquisitive mind. With my weight, 20lbs, Ha! I also want to make sure I talk with/listen to those friends I met through the Como library. I'll be honest...I miss the human contact.

Happy New Year!

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